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Significance & Engagement Policy

The Significance and Engagement Policy (SEP) is a legal requirement and identifies key issues that could be regarded as being significant such as:

changes to a strategic asset
changes in levels of service
financial impacts
the level of community interest
changes to groups of activities or partnership agreements.

The level of significance will determine the level of engagement on Council issues. In the policy, the level of significance is considered on a continuum from low to high, triggering different levels of engagement with affected parties or the public generally.

The degree of change, and significance of this, could trigger consultation or engagement options ranging from the provision of information, such as a public notice or a media release, through to using the special consultative procedure which involves calling for submissions and formal hearing of those submissions.

There are some issues that the Council is required by law to consult on formally, such as changes to Bylaws, Parks and Reserves Management Plans, the District Plan and the Long Term Plan and any subsequent changes. We will continue to consult on these issues as required.

The Policy determines the extent of consultation and engagement on other issues.

The Policy was adopted at the Council meeting held on Wednesday 29th October 2014 and consulted on during February 2015.

Significance and Community Engagement Policy  218kb .pdf file

23 March 2015

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