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Provisional Wairarapa Local Alcohol Policy

Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa district councils have adopted a provisional Wairarapa Local Alcohol Policy (LAP), following the work undertaken by the Wairarapa Alcohol Working Group. The group, which was formed in May 2013, consists of representatives from the three councils, along with the Police and Medical Officer of Health.

The LAP, which has been developed in accordance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, makes some changes to the sale of alcohol in the Wairarapa, including:

• Maximum trading hours for specified licence categories:
• Off-licences: 7am-10pm
• On-licences: 8am-1am the following day
• Club licences: Case by case, but will generally not exceed 8am-11pm for sports clubs, and 8am-1am the next day for other clubs.
• Discretionary conditions for all licence types.

If no appeals are lodged to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority by Friday 10th July 2015, the provisional Wairarapa LAP will be adopted with the policy taking effect no sooner than three months after public notification.

Appeals can only be received from the Police, the Medical Officer of Health and any person or agency that made a submission on the draft Wairarapa LAP. The only grounds for appeal are that part of the LAP is unreasonable in light of the object of the act.

Viv Napier, chair of the Wairarapa Alcohol Working Group, says the community has had a major input into the contents of the provisional LAP. “We have undergone a robust process in developing this policy, with unprecedented levels of community engagement. The provisional LAP is the result of more than two years’ work and feedback from around 2,000 individuals and groups through our Community Alcohol Survey. We believe we now have a provisional policy which will serve the needs of our region, whilst helping to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.”

Copies of the provisional Wairarapa LAP are available online at each of the council’s websites or in hard copy at libraries and council offices. Hard copies can also be obtained by contacting Masterton District Council on 06 370 6300 or by emailing [email protected]

10 June 2015

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