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Prohibition of Vehicles and Consumption or Possession of Liquor

Castlepoint and Riversdale Beach

Public Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the Masterton Consolidated Bylaw 2012 Part 17 – Liquor Control in Public Places and Section 147 of the Local Government Act 2002 the Masterton District Council has placed a prohibition on vehicles and on consumption or possession of liquor in the places and at the times listed below:

OCCASION New Year celebrations


The prohibition of vehicles is intended to run from:

6.00 pm Thursday 31st December 2015 to 6.00 am on Friday 1st January 2016

The prohibition of alcohol is intended to run from:

6.00 pm Wednesday 30th December 2015 to 6.00 am Thursday 31st December 2015
6.00 pm Thursday 31st December 2015 to 6.00 am Friday 1st January 2016


Orui Station/Riversdale Road intersection, and along Riversdale Road to Riversdale township, Bodle Drive to the lagoon and including Riversdale Beach from the lagoon to the Southern Riversdale Reserve to the water’s edge. From Blue Pacific Parade and Bodle Drive intersection along Blue Pacific Parade to and including the Southern Riversdale Reserve including the beach to the water’s edge.

From Riversdale Road and Pinedale Crescent intersection along Pinedale Crescent to the intersection with Blue Pacific Parade.

The southern terrace off Palm Parade and the middle terrace off Pinedale Crescent being Rochdale Road, Otaraia Road, Bull Lane, Tama Road, Pukeko Place and Knoyle Road.

This includes all public places, public parks and accessways into the defined area where the prohibition will be extended to.

From the Castlepoint motorcamp to the Castlepoint lagoon, including Jetty Road and Castlepoint Beach to the water's edge. From in front of the motorcamp to the Castlepoint Lagoon, including Castlepoint Reserve. Also including Guthrie and Balfour Crescents and all public roads and places to which the public have access within the township of Castlepoint.

During the period of prohibition it will be an offence to be in possession of or consume any alcohol.

Powers of arrest, search, and seizure – Section 169

(2) A constable may, without warrant,—
(a) for the purpose of ascertaining whether alcohol is present, search—
(i) a container (for example, a bag, case, package, or parcel) in the possession of a person who is in, or entering, a restricted place; or

(ii) a vehicle that is in, or is entering, a restricted place:

(b) seize and remove any alcohol (and its container) that is in a restricted place in breach of an alcohol ban:

(c) arrest any person whom the constable finds committing an offence:

(d) arrest any person who has refused to comply with a request by a constable—
(i) to leave a restricted place; or

(ii) to surrender to a constable any alcohol that, in breach of an alcohol ban is in the person's possession.

(3) Alcohol or a container seized under subsection (2)(b) is forfeited to the Crown if the person from whom the alcohol or container is seized pays the infringement fee.

Conditions relating to power of search - Section 170

(1) Before exercising the power of search under section 169(2)(a) in relation to a container or a vehicle, a member of the police must –

(a) inform the person in possession of the container or the vehicle, as the case may be, that he or she has the opportunity of removing the container or the vehicle from the public place; and
(b) provide the person with a reasonable opportunity to remove the container or the vehicle, as the case may be, from the public place.
A $250 infringement notice can be served by a constable, or a person who is convicted of an offence against a bylaw is liable to a fine not exceeding $20,000.


23 December 2015

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