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Henley Lake Closed to Recreational Water Users

 Mastertonís Henley Lake currently has high levels of toxic algae and is closed for all water activities.

 Tests are carried out by Masterton District Council to monitor the cyanobacteria (toxic algae) levels at
Henley Lake between Labour Weekend and Easter. Recent tests have shown the presence of
cyanobacteria and it is recommended that visitors avoid contact with the water, particularly young children,
pregnant women and the elderly.

 Cyanobacteria produce toxins that are harmful to humans and animals if swallowed or through contact with skin,
 such as may occur when swimming or rowing.  Exposure to cyanobacteria may cause symptoms such as
 skin rashes, nausea, stomach upset, and tingling or numbness around the mouth or tips of fingers. 
 Pregnant women, children and the elderly are more likely to be affected. If you experience health symptoms
 after contact with the lake, consult a doctor who will let the Public Health Unit know.

 Dogs may also be at risk. Throughout New Zealand a number of dogs are known to have died after eating
cyanobacteria at the edges of water bodies.  Keep dogs out of the water, and away from the edge.

 If you believe your dog has eaten contaminated material, contact your vet immediately.

 Cyanobacteria occur naturally, but levels can increase rapidly during summer months.

 If the water is cloudy, discoloured or has small globules suspended in it, avoid all contact.

 Not all cyanobacterial blooms are visible to the naked eye and toxins can persist after the bloom has disappeared.

 Cyanobacterial concentrations can change quickly with changing environmental conditions (eg wind).
 If a health warning is in place, avoid contact with the water.

 For further details and the most up to date algae status information see the signs at the lake

 Masterton District Council can be contacted on 06 370 6300 and information brochures are available from the
council offices at 64 Chapel Street.

13 January 2016

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