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Queen Street Wai-Fi Free Public WiFi

Masterton District Council is proud to announce the launch of “Wai-Fi”, a free public Wi-Fi service in Queen Street available to all residents and visitors to Masterton.

Mayor Lyn Patterson formally announced the launch of the new service on 29th November 2016 to members of the Masterton business community.

This service complements and extends the existing free Wi-Fi available at the Masterton District Library. The project has been delivered through a partnership between local IT service provider Technology Solutions and Masterton District Council.

In an increasingly connected world, the council is pleased to provide a service that supports the development of the CBD. Masterton joins other connected town centres in offering free community Wi-Fi to residents and visitors.

Masterton District Council Chief Executive Pim Borren says the service is a welcome addition to the town. “Our free Wi-Fi at the library has proved extremely popular and there is undoubtedly a strong demand for this service to be available throughout the CBD. We are grateful to Technology Solutions for coming on board as our partner for this project.”

Masterton’s latest digital offering provides 250MB of data per device per day, and is operational between the hours of 6:30am and 9:30pm 7 days per week. The Wi-Fi coverage zone runs through public areas along Queen Street between the Library (Park Street) and Countdown (Renall Street).

Queen Street Wai-Fi is a demonstration of Masterton District Council’s commitment to support the future of our CBD as a vibrant, connected hub and town centre.

Area of Service
Through Queen Street between Park Street and Renall Street (between the Library and Countdown Supermarket).

Service Offering
• Free Wi-Fi is available daily between 6.30am and 9pm, 7 days per week.
• 250MB of data cap provided per device per day
• Support is available via Masterton District Library
• Content filtering is operational.
• The service is available to all residents and visitors to the CBD.

Media enquiries to Sam Rossiter Stead, Masterton District Council or 06 370 6300.

30 November 2016

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